Three Little Words, Revisited

An astute reader reports that she’s run across the new sanitized Wheels on the Bus (with “the mommies on the bus say ‘I love you'” replacing “the mommies on the bus say ‘ssh, ssh, ssh'”) elsewhere, as well as a sanitized version of “Rock-a-bye Baby”–instead of “down will come baby, cradle and all” they sing the last line as “mommy/daddy will catch it, baby and all.”

Oh, the years of therapy the Girleens will need — not only were they sung the wrong versions of these two songs, but also “Hush Little Baby” complete with lines about horses and carts falling down.

OK, I have now parsed out The Wheels on the Bus as much, as not more, as the author of last Sunday’s Modern Love column.

It’s all either Grist for the Mill — or I need to get a life.