Let This Be a Lesson to Us All…

Younger Girleen, who we usually think of as so biddable (suckas!), feels that this would be a good time to remind everyone within earshot that she is not her sister and that she knows her own mind.

— No, no, NO, she said last night during yet another dinner discussion about who shall be what for Halloween. —Not FAIRY! DORA fairy! DORA fairy!

You can tell she’s a second child — the first one had yet to taste the joys of Dora the Explorer, dark chocolate or soda when she was 27 months old.

The Husband, who for reasons inexplicable to himself, wants Younger Girleen to be a fairy for Halloween as much as I do, now that the idea’s been lodged in our heads, has come up with a solution: a pair of binoculars around the neck will accessorize the original fairy “look.”

There! Everybody’s happy, and we can still make use of the fairy wings already being shipped.

Rumbles of discontent from Elder Girleen, who puts down her fork:

— I don’t want to be a fairy. I want to be a PRINCESS.

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  1. Can’t she be a fairy princess…or a princess of the fairies, perhaps?

    Oh the struggles of childhood.

    Myself, I was never a princess or a fairy; I was a pirate, a gypsy, a hobo, and a black cat. (after mom left I didn’t do Halloween anymore)

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