Dispatches from Fairy Land

For those of you dying for the latest installment in the Fairy Saga (I’m sure there are many!), I’ll just say that it’s really hard to beat $9.99 fairy costumes from Target and leave it at that. The horrifying thing is that these costumes, which cost about what two lattes do, actually look pretty good, which indicates that those who made them, who live in a country that will remain nameless, must receive about -3.2 cents an hour in wages. So not only did I rob my children of the opportunity to explore their creativity by making their own costumes, I made a decision with global implications I can’t bear to examine too closely.

But as far as that creativity thing goes, I’ve got to save mine for really important things — like this blog.

Due to our parental slight-of-hand (fairy costume + plastic binoculars = “Dora Fairy”), Younger Girleen now thinks that Dora the Explorer and fairies are interchangable. When she got a glimpse of her fairy costume, she shouted “MY DORA!” She is, however, quite happy with it.