A Click of a Button…

And now what was my solipsistic side, offered up for the world’s delectation, can, according to Blogger, be seen only by me. And what would the point of that be? Well, it turns out that what I liked best about this great experiment was its bells and whistles: the lovely layout and the tags. The old journal seems so… airless… after all that.

There is, of course, the question, is this really private? And is writing it, whether or not other people see it or not, really a good use of my writing time? I suppose if I were to consider it some sort of journal and a journal only, the time wasted is time that would be wasted in any case.

But now I’ve effectively squelched much of what sucks time from my day: the blog, various inanities I volunteered for in weak moments — everything has been scoured away from my writing time but work, and oh, what does it mean that I’m so loathe to begin it?