Yeah, Things Do Look Different…

This might be considered by some a throw-away post (I mean, you can’t get any more navel-gazey than discussing the look of your OWN blog, can you), but yes, I’ve changed the layout.  

It wouldn’t be worth mentioning except for the fact that the layouts have clearly gotten more and more blog-like as the months go by.  When I started, I wanted something that looked as much like print as possible (ie, a blog as if published by the New Yorker, maybe).  Well, now we’ve got four months under our belts and I’ve realized that the Blog Is Its Own Beast.  It shouldn’t look like print because it has nothing to do with print.  It’s a completely different animal.  
Besides, fiddling with templates is a great way to sit at the computer and pretend you’re doing something productive.  
I know I’ve fallen down on my job here lately, but you know, I’ve got other stuff going on right now.  I’ve got to go out and buy stocking stuffers for my own stocking and then pretend to my children that Santa Claus put them there.  


  1. It’s a good layout revamp, K–well done! Mmm, maybe I should pretend to be productive by re-doing mine…


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