Static (of the Internal Sort)

Saturday morning I took the Girleens + an additional child to the park and the weather was pretty warm, the sky boundlessly blue and, because it was Saturday, I’d lingered over my coffee, which always gives my day a rosy glow.  All these things combined, along with the fact that I was willing to engage the kids (one of whom was mopey) in a rousing game of Follow the Leader, convinced me for about 7.3 minutes that I was … if not a wonderful mother, a pretty damned nice one.

In the service of that Follow the Leader Game, I slid down the slide on my stomach and now have slide burns on both elbows and seem to have done something to an important muscle in my back.  
This is why adults are not supposed to PLAY with kids.  
Yesterday was balmy but today is colder, and the forecast is for sleet by Wednesday:  as the weather changes, so does my vision of myself as quality caregiver.  This morning I sloshed coffee down the front of my nightgown while I was fixing Younger Girleen’s lunch (an act which made me bear more than a passing resemblance to a wino with a Thunderbird-stained front).  Elder Girleen happily headed off to school with …. marshmallow… in her hair and Younger Girleen’s hair didn’t even get combed.  (Although in my own defense I have to say that because Younger Girleen’s hair is kinda curly, leaving it uncombed is not such a big deal).  

And me? I admit it: I spent the one free hour I had this morning Googling college roommates I’ve lost touch with. I don’t know what possessed me, but there you go. I won’t bore you with the a list of the legion of things people I once knew have done: let’s just say being a guest at the White House is in there (I submit this to show their fame, not because I really want to go to the White House), along with being on TV. Every single one of them looks exactly the way they did twenty-four years ago.

Sometimes the World Wide Web is the Devil’s right hand.


  1. Well, you’re an entertaining mother, oh wino with Thunderbird stains down your nightgown.

    That’s some impressive stuff there, sorta, kinda. Yes, the Internets can be evil.

  2. Sometimes you just need an hour of downtime, and what you do with it shouldn’t be examined too closely.

  3. Sometimes you even have to spend that hour googling yourself. That’s fun too.

    The pics of the advent calendar are up.

  4. As I am searching the blogosphere for inspiration in the form of awesome female writers, I happened on your blog (via Awesome-Female-Writer Bernadette’s comment section). I am enjoying the reading here. That is, when I’m not Googling my uber-creative and successful friends from home and trying to figure out how exactly their skin is so smooth, their husbands so happy, and their children so clean while they conquer the world so–well—thoroughly.
    I really should put my imagination to better use…
    My point is, I see your point.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

    And I agree with Bernadette, Google yourself. And I mean that in a good way.

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