Topics of Pressing Interest

By revealing the following, I may run the risk of alienating my tiny readership so completely that none of you ever visit again — although I suppose if you’re still with me by this point, you’re probably in this for the long haul — but because this blog is in part about the elevation of trivia to high art, I can’t help myself.  

SoI have a confession to make.  The technological wonders of the internet allow me to “see” exactly what search string leads people to end up on my blog.  

Don’t worry — who exactly you are, I have no idea, unless you choose to comment.  But if you arrived here by happenstance, by typing words into Google or whatever search engine you favor, I can be privy to those search words.  
The necessary aside at this point would have to be that at least 99.9 of the people who end up visiting this blog because of a google search click away from it in less time that it takes to type this sentence.  
So what is the most burning reference question facing the world today?  It’s not “mom sex,” though the number of folks with that on their minds would astound you.  
It’s potty training by the signs.  
Celebrating the esoteric, one click at a time.  You gotta hand it to the innernets.