Snapshot from America

I admit it, I’m obsessed.  About what, you ask?  

Uhhh…”The Great Schlep.”
Uhhh…. “That One.” 
Uhhh… “Hockey Moms.”  
Since when did hockey moms become such a large block of the mommy population?  I’m surprised that the Ultimate Mommy Stereotype  has gone from “soccer mom” (minivan, suburbs, middle-class, what-have-you…) to “hockey mom” (uhhh, what attributes go with that?I guess I’m not tapped in to this new cultural zeitgeist, seeing as I live down south and all)  without comment — but I’m sure I can google the words together and discover that it really hasn’t. * 
And that is why I’m obsessed.  
Current Politics — more engrossing than fiction.  
But on a more serious note: Last night, halfway through the presidential debate, I realized something.  As far as this neighborhood went, while the debate was going on, you could hear a pin drop.  There was not a single car on the road.  
*See this.  Apparently “hockey mom” was parsed about a month ago.  I’m really not in tune with the cultural zeitgeist.