Slow Food, Slow Families, Slow Blogs …

Just in case you thought I wasn’t saying much these days because I was busy brining all-natural, free-range turkeys or lazing around eating bonbons or something, I am proud to direct your attention to:  

I knew there was a reason I hadn’t been here for a while!  
Thank God we have various “slow” movements to give us permission to be …. normal. 
(Stay tuned for, the Slow Publication Movement, in which the fact that twelve years have elapsed since publication of a person’s first book means not that they got married, had kids and withered on the career vine, but that they’ve been busy… savoring … life.)  
Oh, yes… have a Happy (and Slow) Thanksgiving.  


  1. I am actually using “slow” as an excuse these days. As in, “I’m sorry we can’t make it to your child’s Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party. It just doesn’t feel slow for us to add another thing on a Saturday afternoon.” My partner thinks it might end up pissing someone off but it’s working for me right now. Happy Thanksgiving!

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