Reading Lists, Redux

This time last year, I was more than happy to take up blog-space (and bore my friends and relations) by documenting what books sat on the nightstand, hungry to be read*  — and my good intentions regarding them.

Resolutions are made to be broken.  Lists are made to be lost. I would say about a third of those books actually got read. I But lately I’ve been squirreling away a whole new stack as if I’m expecting some late-winter blizzard to keep me house-bound for months.  
But I shall read them all this year, each and every one of them, I swear:
The Feast of Love  Charles Baxter
Lark and Termite Jayne Anne Phillipps
Last Night at the Lobster Stewart O’Nan
The 351 Books of Irma Arcuri David Bajo
Jarhead Anthony Swofford
Operation Homecoming:
Iraq, Afghanistan and the Home 
Front, in the Words of U.S. 
Troops and Their Families Andrew Carroll, editor
Chemistry and 
Other Stories Ron Rash
Madeleine is Sleeping Sarah Bynum
Netherland Joseph O’Neill
*I was also happy to set the goal of finishing the draft of a novel by the end of 2008, and see how far that got me (uhhh, 50 pages in?). 

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