The Third of Three Valentines…

Every mom needs…

a friend to take walks with

a friend to shop with

a friend to have lunch with

friends who have no kids, to keep her real

friends who have older children, so she’ll remember not to sweat the small stuff

friends who have younger children, so she can re-experience those early days in all their messy glory

friends to talk shop with, whether that shop is of the motherhood variety, or of the career pursuasion

Happy Valentine’s Day (better a day late than never) to all the women who make up my life.


  1. Oh, yeah. Friends of all stripes. Have spent the better part of the last two days in the hospital with a friend and her 5 month old baby. Everything looks okay–now. But at least a few more days in the hospital. The good news? All of the great friends who have come through. An amazing array of women.

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