It Starts Like This…

…an email that arrives in your inbox from your child’s elementary school titled “Significant Lice Infestation.”

Where it ends, I can’t tell you yet, but I can already weigh in about nit combs, Rid vs Nix shampoo, the uses of vinegar, olive oil and mayonaise, the perpetual sound of laundry sloshing in the washer, and shallow, disrupted sleep during which you dream, over and over and over again, that you are combing through your child’s hair for nits.

Years ago, when I heard New York friends discussing the merits of hiring Dominican or Hasidic nitpickers, I scoffed.

No more.

Way back when, when the Husband and I gazed lovingly  each other’s eyes and said, o yes!  a family!  I had no idea.