Tis the Season

Our DSL was down for days.  First things first, a car hit some sort of concrete bunker that housed some kind of … something… that meant that a few blocks in our neighborhood lost DSL coverage.  How do I know this?  Not from the techs I spent hours talking to on the phone, who swore the problem was our modem.  I learned it this morning, once the DSL was back up and I took a quick gander at the neighborhood google group, where one of the posts for the weekend was “AT&T Outage” (this was the posted right after the one titled “I hate the local …”, always a favorite on our neighborhood google group).

I knew there was a very real and pressing reason just why it was imperative that I be able to get online at anytime.  I just couldn’t couldn’t put my finger on it.  How else will I know why my internet is down  — if I can’t get online?

I won’t lie and say I wasn’t cranky during those 5 days sans DSL (because I was).  I won’t lie and say that there at the end, I didn’t sit  in the car in the parking lot of a nearby business that offers customers free wi-fi access with the laptop open (because I did).  And I won’t lie and say five days without DSL didn’t feel oddly similar to the first five days I spent without cigarettes when I quit smoking (because it did).

But here’s a stat:  Of the seventy-some-odd emails I accrued in 5 days, approximately 1/4 of them were … about arrangements for teacher presents and classroom holiday parties.  What colors do particular teachers like (to assist parents as they present-shop)?  Who can send empty toilet paper rolls  in to the classroom so the kids can make holiday crackers?  Who can send themselves in to the classroom, to make holiday crackers?

Hey, the season demands kids jacked-up on sugar the day before winter break starts.  And God knows, teachers more than deserve a tangible pat on the back.

But did I really just spend over five hours during the past five days unplugging and re-plugging the modem and the router and talking to techs in India for this?

No — I did it so I could surf the ‘net for the Husband’s Christmas present.

How on earth did we possibly survive before now?

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