Best American Mystery Stories 2012

I haven’t actually seen a copy yet, but The Best American Mystery Stories 2012, which includes my story “Trafficking,” is out.

Other authors include Mary Gaitskill, Thomas McGuane, and Daniel Woodrell (Winter’s Bone).  Can I say how pleased I am to be in such august company?

Here’s a snippet from “Trafficking”:

Up until the very second when what Moultrie still refers to as his misstep occurred, he always claimed he got some sort of lenience. He was still in business because he had scruples and they knew it: if the sale of certain drugs was going to happen in Baton Rouge, they’d rather it be him that did it than anybody else, so they turned a blind eye. This logic seemed stupid to James, one of his stepbrother’s wrongheaded assumptions that left him wondering how Moultrie had managed to survive life for almost forty years.