Pubs, Blustery March Edition

Issue 27 of Ruminate Magazine, which contains my poem “Cucumbers,” is out and on the metaphorical stands.

Ruminate is a beautifully-executed magazine with a mission of “chewing on life, faith, and art” AND a very thoughtful digital presence.  On their website, you can purchase single “hard” copies, as well as digital copies and subscriptions.

Ruminate is one of those magazines that asks contributors to be a little less formal in their biographical notes. I wish that were the norm.

Because — as Carl Sandburg once pointed out — “poetry is the achievement of the synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits.” In my case at least, the children mentioned in my bio do more to further my education than any graduate degree.


  1. I read your poem “Cucumbers,” in Ruminate and enjoyed it. I am interested that you grew up in Athens, as I did. I am also a writer; Finishing Line Press just published my chapbook, Brancusi’s Egg. I am also interested that you write both poetry and short fiction, as I do. I was recently asked in an interview whether I was a poet or a fiction writer. Well, just a writer, a replied. I would be interested in talking with you sometime about your process.

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