Pubs, Cusp of Summer Edition

The latest issue of Crazyhorse, which contains my story “The Snow Queen,” is out.  You can get single copies and subscriptions on their website.

“The Snow Queen” is the second published story of a set I’ve been working on, all of them about a character named Simone, some of them set in Madison, WI.*  It gets cold there.  What better to read as your summer gets underway than a story set in deepest, darkest Midwestern winter?

A snippet:

On the other side of the windshield lies the landscape Simone has lived with her whole life: comfortable, rounded hills, an occasional barn nestled down in the curve between them. Houses set into fields like pictures from books, except where manure smears the old snow. She holds herself upright to keep from leaning into the passenger-side window of the Gremlin, where a greasy circle from someone else’s head has been pressed across the glass at chin height. What Jeremy intends is — she doesn’t know. Is it illegal? She hopes so, suspects it isn’t, just ill-advised. 

*The first of the “simone stories,” “Atomic,” came out in Freight Stories last year. Not all these stories are set in the early ’80s, but these two are.