10 Things You Use in Europe, But Not in the States


1.  Umbrellas, for miles rather than the time it takes to get the 10 feet from house to car.

2.  Those canvas tote bags you get when you donate to non-profits.

3.  Cobblers. (The person, not the pie.)

4.  A scarf when the temperature gets down to 60 degrees.

5.  Google Translate.

6.  Your national i.d. number, for everything from ordering movie tickets online to picking up your mail at the post office.

7. Bee’s-waxed cheese wrap for the sheep’s cheese you get every couple of days from the store that only sells cheese.

8.  The kitchen counter for your eggs, rather than the refrigerator.

9.  An avocado “for today” that hasn’t been fondled by a hundred people.

10.   A clothes line.

What felt foreign not seems familiar. And now, just to keep us on our toes, we’ll  reverse our locale for a few weeks.