Brief Dispatches from the Spanish Front

There were only 285 new cases of COVID-19 in Spain yesterday and 59 deaths. On April 2, our darkest day, we had over 950 deaths in 24 hours.

Whatever organization it is that decrees these things has decreed that COVID-19 takes the female gender, grammatically speaking; i.e, La Covid.

It’s now mandatory to wear masks any time we can’t safely maintain a social distance of 2 meters. Since maintaining a distance of two meters is close to impossible in a city of 3 million, this basically means: masks are now mandatory.

I won’t say I like wearing a mask, but this morning I realized the visceral anxiety I had when I saw people in them three months ago has vanished. Putting one on as I head down the stairs, pulling on gloves when I walk in the grocery store, constantly washing my hands or slathering them with sanitizer feels…. normal.

The Spanish shoe brand El Ganso is selling reusable masks embroidered with smiles for 4.95 euros.