Fall Pubs

My first Madrid pub! So very pleased to appear in Madrid No Frills. Begun with a mission “to give a voice to all those wonderful places, people and stories that all other Madrid blogs ignored” Madrid No Frills now takes on some of Madrid’s thorniest issues with passion and love for this changing, complicated city.

A flower stand that beckons to passers-by with its array of colourful bouquets and a churros kiosk redolent with frying oil both jockey for position on the sidewalk in front of hospitals San Carlos and Fundación Jiménez Díaz in Moncloa. A milling throng of people, both whole and hurt, indicates the presence of a bustling urban medical facility nearby.

But a short walk up the service road between the two hospitals takes you far away from the sound of traffic and sirens. There, one of the feral cats that is a fixture of the area emerges from the bushes to lead you to a high flat vantage point overlooking wasteland.