The End of the World as We Know It?

So… Elder Girleen’s elementary school is holding a Walk to School Day next month. Because… Well, you know.  Kids don’t.  Walk to school. We don’t.  Our excuse:  we live 2.14 miles from school, and there’s no bus (another story).  I tell myself that if we lived only a tenth of a mile  from school, we would,Continue reading “The End of the World as We Know It?”

Uhhh, and the Prefix "Pre" Means What?

(or, from the “no comment” department:) Preschool Readiness Prepare your preschooler for the upcoming year. ¬†After an exciting summer, this class is a fun yet structured way to insure that your child transitions to his/her preschool environment with ease. ¬†This class will use a variety of school-related activities such as circle time, music and movement,Continue reading “Uhhh, and the Prefix "Pre" Means What?”