Slices of Life

Madrid is back. It was a long summer, meteorologically speaking: the searing, life-changing heat of August, which gives teeth to … More

Elemental: August

The first August, we’d just gotten here. Besides, for most of that month, we were sealed inside an air-conditioned building … More

In the Barrio (July)

If we’re lucky — and in July we’re often lucky — no matter how hot it gets during the day, … More

Pubs, and so forth

Pleased to learn my story “Bunting,” which was published in the summer 2020 Bracken Magazine, was a Recommended Read/Honorable Mention … More

Cri de Cœur

In 2019, I had a good life in the U.S., and absolutely no intention of ever leaving it. But then … More

Borned in Madrid!

May 15 is San Isidro Day, the day of Madrid’s patron saint. In true Madrileño fashion, that requires festivities from … More

Requisite Spring

Between the last walk I took in the park and now, it has become an exuberance of lilacs. The green … More

Weather Report: Sun

It has been an odd spring. Back in January and February, when it ought to have rained, it stubbornly refused … More