Five of Five (Good Things)

From an interview with poet August Kleinzahler: INTERVIEWER Recently Poetry posed a question about the social utility of poetry. Does that interest you? KLEINZAHLER No. I agree with Auden that “poetry makes nothing happen.” Nothing else needs to be said about it. INTERVIEWER One more: some argue that the only value of a work of art isContinue reading “Five of Five (Good Things)”

Five Good Things

Five good things,  I tell my daughter as she leaves for school.  Because the weight of Twelve drags heavy on her shoulders lately, especially in the mornings, more of a burden than the overladen backpack middle school requires.  See if you can see five good things as you walk to school this morning.   Earlier,Continue reading “Five Good Things”

Harvest: An Ode to Sun Golds

This morning, as I headed somewhere, car keys in one hand, iPod in the other, I found myself yanked momentarily away from my earnest, busy intentions[1]by a glimpse of gold peeping from the green foliage in the corner of our front yard. And then, before I really knew what hit me, I was balanced precariously at the edgeContinue reading “Harvest: An Ode to Sun Golds”