Second Sight (II)

I. Once upon a time, I lived in a boxy, badly-built house with a person with whom I had considerable disagreement over what are surely a relationship’s most important parameters.  Should a person wed?  Should a person buy a house, hold down a job with more than the minimum responsibilities attached to it, make sureContinue reading “Second Sight (II)”

More of the Laundry of Life

Call it coincidence, but the New York Times is beginning to seem like it might have an axe to grind (I’m sure to many people, particular the politically conservative, it seems like the NYT has MANY axes grindin’ away, and this would be one of its most inconsequential).  First there was Tim Kreider’s blog postContinue reading “More of the Laundry of Life”

It Starts Like This…

…an email that arrives in your inbox from your child’s elementary school titled “Significant Lice Infestation.” Where it ends, I can’t tell you yet, but I can already weigh in about nit combs, Rid vs Nix shampoo, the uses of vinegar, olive oil and mayonaise, the perpetual sound of laundry sloshing in the washer, andContinue reading “It Starts Like This…”

Taking Joy in the Laundry of Life

Today is wrapped round with gray cotton wool; all is damp, and damped down. We’ve just emerged from the cocoon of a week that included a sick child.  Nothing momentous, of course.  Just a low grade fever and the inability to send her to school for an entire week (contrary to what we all wantContinue reading “Taking Joy in the Laundry of Life”

In the Trenches

Mildly (it’s to be hoped) entertaining anecdotes about squirrels and cupcakes set in playgrounds aside, I’ve spent a heck of a lot of time in City of Atlanta parks this summer, and being in such places has made me think. About what? Oh,  among other things …  littering; our tax dollars; how children socialize andContinue reading “In the Trenches”

Possibly the Shallowest Post Ever

It’s probably jumping the gun just a little to start referencing the dog days less than a full week after the official onset of summer, but hey, it’s my blog, and I’ll call things whatever I want.  Besides, these are the go-go years:  everything’s accelerated these days, and if elementary school starts on August 10,Continue reading “Possibly the Shallowest Post Ever”

Cloudy Weather

The sunflowers Elder Girleen planted along our side fence have grown as high as an elephant’s eye.*  The fig that was a mere sprout two years ago now obscures one of the dining room windows, creating a curtain that only lets in filtered green vegetable light.   If the squirrels don’t best us, we willContinue reading “Cloudy Weather”