The Future

So yesterday I was at Elder Girleen’s second-grade classroom for the monthly birthday commemoration, which consisted of a cheer and a song for the three kids with January birthdays.*   On the surface, that was all that was taking place.  But because I just spent almost two weeks away from the usual routines of my life,**Continue reading “The Future”

In the Trenches

Mildly (it’s to be hoped) entertaining anecdotes about squirrels and cupcakes set in playgrounds aside, I’ve spent a heck of a lot of time in City of Atlanta parks this summer, and being in such places has made me think. About what? Oh,  among other things …  littering; our tax dollars; how children socialize andContinue reading “In the Trenches”

Not Women’s Work, not Men’s Work, just… Work

Last night I sat and watched President Obama’s press conference — feeling such a moment of awe and pride during that measured second when he settled himself at the podium before he began:  we did that, America, we did, for a moment we transcended who we usually are and became something so much larger —Continue reading “Not Women’s Work, not Men’s Work, just… Work”

Snapshot from America

I admit it, I’m obsessed.  About what, you ask?   Uhhh…”The Great Schlep.” Uhhh…. “That One.”  Uhhh… “Hockey Moms.”   Since when did hockey moms become such a large block of the mommy population?  I’m surprised that the Ultimate Mommy Stereotype  has gone from “soccer mom” (minivan, suburbs, middle-class, what-have-you…) to “hockey mom” (uhhh, what attributesContinue reading “Snapshot from America”