Pubs, Summer 2016

The new issue of Cold Mountain Review, which includes my story “Forage,” has just gone live.  A “mountain story” inspired … More

Pubs, Spring 2016 Edition

The new issue of Shenandoah, which includes my story “The Fossil Record,” has just gone live. The working title for … More

The Cup of Summer

  … I am drunk on the words of summer: Brandywine, Celeste, Anise Swallowtail, Cloudless Sulfur. My poem “Surfeit” has … More


Back in the early aughts, soon after I returned to Georgia after spending a decade elsewhere, I wrote a personal essay  in which … More

Pubs, Sultry Summer Edition

The Summer 2013 issue of The Massachusetts Review, which includes my story “Plenty” is out and on the metaphorical stands. … More