The Written Word

Just received word that my poem “Hill Country Fossils” will appear in an upcoming issue of Southwest Review.    And just a couple of weeks ago, I opined thusly about the merits of writing poetry over fiction: How freeing it would be … to write without the words needing to earn their keep….  How freeingContinue reading “The Written Word”

A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words…

But because I’m a writer, I’ll include the 1000 words. This past weekend I was in Austin* — although not for SXSW, which means I am either less cool or more cool that SXSW-attenders — you can be the judge. (Just don’t tell me what you decide.) I was there for a reunion of writersContinue reading “A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words…”

Is it Art or is it China Painting?

When my maternal grandmother died in 1994, one of the things passed along to me was a sagging corrugated cardboard box. Within, nestled in yellowed wads of the San Antonio Express were at least twenty-five china plates, cups and saucers rimmed all with gold and painted with a sort of blowsy bloom unknown to botany.Continue reading “Is it Art or is it China Painting?”

American By Accident of Birth, Texan By the Grace of God

The Husband and I have a long-running argument over who’s the real Texan of the family. Leaving aside the question of why bother wasting time on this argument, it goes like this: My mom’s got a framed piece of paper certifying her as a descendant of a member of one of the first 100? 250?Continue reading “American By Accident of Birth, Texan By the Grace of God”