Weather Report

If I had a favorite saint, St Jude, the patron of lost causes, would probably be it. I’ve always preferred my underdogs bedraggled. I especially enjoy that hackneyed old chestnut come-up-from-behind story, when the weakling who’s had sand kicked in his face all his f-ing life  surprises everybody and delivers upon the neighborhood bully a surprising suckerContinue reading “Weather Report”

Weather Report: March 2, 2009

Southerner that I am, I don’t have the proper words for snow. Sugar snow, corn snow, powder: here in Atlanta we don’t know nothin’ about those: we just have little snow, otherwise known as dirty snow. People who actually have more than a passing acquaintance with the cold white stuff would scoff; wouldn’t even call whatContinue reading “Weather Report: March 2, 2009”