Treading Water: or, The Deep End

This is it, then.  The lovely nutmeat of the summer.  The musty smell of tomatoes pulled from the vine; the scent of sun-baked dirt before the afternoon’s rain storm.  Sweat that teases the hair at the nape of Elder Girleen’s neck into tendrils; the beautiful, enveloping ache of refrigerated air when we finally get theContinue reading “Treading Water: or, The Deep End”

Watching Time Fly

Good God, what happened to most of November?  It’s almost time to start brining the all-natural, free-roaming, $4.00 a pound turkey!* And for that matter — what happened to October? Uhh…  School book fairs and the attendant volunteering demanded by them?  A random fever or two (right now, Younger Girleen’s, which has her home fromContinue reading “Watching Time Fly”

Coffee Break

There’s a very good piece  about children’s (picture) books in this week’s New Yorker that dissects some of the ways they “record shifts in domestic life.” From a social-commentary standpoint, this is fascinating to think about.  As the review points out, Newspaper-burrowing fathers have been replaced by eager, if bumbling, diaper-changers.  Similarly, the stern disciplinariansContinue reading “Coffee Break”

Of stories, and how we prefer them

You can’t tell by looking at the sky today, but a little over a week ago, Atlanta was practically afloat, and during one of last week’s downpours, the Girleens and I found ourselves stranded for a few hours at our neighborhood library — where I found myself reading a lot of book jacket copy whileContinue reading “Of stories, and how we prefer them”

Taking Joy in the Laundry of Life

Today is wrapped round with gray cotton wool; all is damp, and damped down. We’ve just emerged from the cocoon of a week that included a sick child.  Nothing momentous, of course.  Just a low grade fever and the inability to send her to school for an entire week (contrary to what we all wantContinue reading “Taking Joy in the Laundry of Life”