The Written Word, Late Winter Edition

Just received word that my story “Trafficking” will appear in The Best American Mystery Stories 2012, a real honor. And in additional writing-related news, I’ll have a new story (“The Dance”) in the spring issue of Brain, Child — my absolute favorite parent-related publication. And now:  back to work.  

Treading Water: or, The Deep End

This is it, then.  The lovely nutmeat of the summer.  The musty smell of tomatoes pulled from the vine; the scent of sun-baked dirt before the afternoon’s rain storm.  Sweat that teases the hair at the nape of Elder Girleen’s neck into tendrils; the beautiful, enveloping ache of refrigerated air when we finally get theContinue reading “Treading Water: or, The Deep End”

The Written Word

The Summer issue of Brain, Child —which includes my story “Sleep” — has hit the stands; you can get a copy at Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods and elsewhere. Brain, Child recently received a well-deserved Utne Independent Press Award —  check it out!

The Future

So yesterday I was at Elder Girleen’s second-grade classroom for the monthly birthday commemoration, which consisted of a cheer and a song for the three kids with January birthdays.*   On the surface, that was all that was taking place.  But because I just spent almost two weeks away from the usual routines of my life,**Continue reading “The Future”