What Seven-Year-Old Girls Think About

Elder Girleen has over the past few months reached a stage where she likes — no, is obsessed with — jump-rope chants.  You know… Miss Mary Mac Mac, all dressed in black, black, black. Whenever she and one or more of her cohorts gather, you can bet they’re off in the corner or up inContinue reading “What Seven-Year-Old Girls Think About”


The temperature may still hover around 97 degrees; people, somewhere, may be hitting the highways for a last gasp of summer vacation; it may have been just the other day that I was titling posts “Summer Snippets,” but  today the house is emptied of children for the first time in months, and here we areContinue reading “Fall(ing)”

Summer Snippets

Today, as we made our way home from the playground and the library,* Elder Girleen stooped to the sidewalk. — Look, she whispered as I pushed the stroller with its freight of sleeping younger sister up to her, holding her palm out flat for me to see.  A butterfly’s wing. She gave it a secondContinue reading “Summer Snippets”

What the Squirrels Left Us, Part II

How much grist for the mill can one person get out of this particular topic?  Can’t this crazy woman stop talking about… squirrels in her garden? Short answer:  Nope.  We’re not done with ’em yet. In fact, even as I write this, the aluminum pie plate tied to the front yard apple tree three weeksContinue reading “What the Squirrels Left Us, Part II”

Possibly the Shallowest Post Ever

It’s probably jumping the gun just a little to start referencing the dog days less than a full week after the official onset of summer, but hey, it’s my blog, and I’ll call things whatever I want.  Besides, these are the go-go years:  everything’s accelerated these days, and if elementary school starts on August 10,Continue reading “Possibly the Shallowest Post Ever”

Going Slow

First day of summer — our summer, which is defined not by equinoxes nor the wax and wane of the moon nor extended daylight but by the APS (that’s Atlanta Public Schools to the uninitiated) calendar.   It’s an odd construct, that calendar:  it has little to do with the natural world, and more toContinue reading “Going Slow”

Weather Report

If I had a favorite saint, St Jude, the patron of lost causes, would probably be it. I’ve always preferred my underdogs bedraggled. I especially enjoy that hackneyed old chestnut come-up-from-behind story, when the weakling who’s had sand kicked in his face all his f-ing life  surprises everybody and delivers upon the neighborhood bully a surprising suckerContinue reading “Weather Report”

Rolling in Clover; or Luck, and Where to Find it

The more common variant of the saying being like pigs in clover — but let’s not go that far. But if I had some magic elixir bottled up that could whisk me back to childhood, it would consist of a distillation, an inhalation of the following: …The scent of the pinpoint-sized white flowers of aContinue reading “Rolling in Clover; or Luck, and Where to Find it”