Summer Snippets

Today, as we made our way home from the playground and the library,* Elder Girleen stooped to the sidewalk. — Look, she whispered as I pushed the stroller with its freight of sleeping younger sister up to her, holding her palm out flat for me to see.  A butterfly’s wing. She gave it a secondContinue reading “Summer Snippets”

Cloudy Weather

The sunflowers Elder Girleen planted along our side fence have grown as high as an elephant’s eye.*  The fig that was a mere sprout two years ago now obscures one of the dining room windows, creating a curtain that only lets in filtered green vegetable light.   If the squirrels don’t best us, we willContinue reading “Cloudy Weather”

Going Slow

First day of summer — our summer, which is defined not by equinoxes nor the wax and wane of the moon nor extended daylight but by the APS (that’s Atlanta Public Schools to the uninitiated) calendar.   It’s an odd construct, that calendar:  it has little to do with the natural world, and more toContinue reading “Going Slow”

In Praise of Indolence

I’m sure there must be some quasi-official name for that period of time during which a business or individual is busiest, but I’m afraid my pollen-stoppered brain can’t access it from the data files. Nonetheless, whatever you want to call that insanely busy period — the crunch, being in the weeds, being slammed — we’reContinue reading “In Praise of Indolence”