In the Trenches

Mildly (it’s to be hoped) entertaining anecdotes about squirrels and cupcakes set in playgrounds aside, I’ve spent a heck of a lot of time in City of Atlanta parks this summer, and being in such places has made me think. About what? Oh,  among other things …  littering; our tax dollars; how children socialize andContinue reading “In the Trenches”

What the Squirrels Left Us, Part II

How much grist for the mill can one person get out of this particular topic?  Can’t this crazy woman stop talking about… squirrels in her garden? Short answer:  Nope.  We’re not done with ’em yet. In fact, even as I write this, the aluminum pie plate tied to the front yard apple tree three weeksContinue reading “What the Squirrels Left Us, Part II”

Possibly the Shallowest Post Ever

It’s probably jumping the gun just a little to start referencing the dog days less than a full week after the official onset of summer, but hey, it’s my blog, and I’ll call things whatever I want.  Besides, these are the go-go years:  everything’s accelerated these days, and if elementary school starts on August 10,Continue reading “Possibly the Shallowest Post Ever”

The Written Word

It’s not on the stands yet, but another of the motherhood/fairy stories I’ve been working for the past little bit (uh, doesn’t she mean the past five years?) will be in the Fall, 2009 issue of Brain, Child. I love Brain, Child. And not just because they publish fiction along with personal essays and nonfictionContinue reading “The Written Word”

Becoming My Mother’s Daughter

 Slow rain, long rain, steady rain, all night rain.  Rain the way it used to rain, so very long ago, when Georgia was a place considered lush, and dense with dampness.  A place where the late-spring leaves on the trees were always achingly green. Where those leaves turned belly-up, silvered as fish, to the wind.Continue reading “Becoming My Mother’s Daughter”

Clap Your Hands if You Believe

We are at the age: Elder Girleen has left princesses and their overly-sweet attendant glitter and frills far far behind, putting them aside as childish things. We are at the age: she’s become all arched feathery eyebrows and long strong scraped-up legs, and mind that works and works and works, so quickly that it takesContinue reading “Clap Your Hands if You Believe”

In Praise of Indolence

I’m sure there must be some quasi-official name for that period of time during which a business or individual is busiest, but I’m afraid my pollen-stoppered brain can’t access it from the data files. Nonetheless, whatever you want to call that insanely busy period — the crunch, being in the weeds, being slammed — we’reContinue reading “In Praise of Indolence”

Rolling in Clover; or Luck, and Where to Find it

The more common variant of the saying being like pigs in clover — but let’s not go that far. But if I had some magic elixir bottled up that could whisk me back to childhood, it would consist of a distillation, an inhalation of the following: …The scent of the pinpoint-sized white flowers of aContinue reading “Rolling in Clover; or Luck, and Where to Find it”