The Written Word

It’s not on the stands yet, but another of the motherhood/fairy stories I’ve been working for the past little bit (uh, doesn’t she mean the past five years?) will be in the Fall, 2009 issue of Brain, Child. I love Brain, Child. And not just because they publish fiction along with personal essays and nonfictionContinue reading “The Written Word”

Cloudy Weather

The sunflowers Elder Girleen planted along our side fence have grown as high as an elephant’s eye.*  The fig that was a mere sprout two years ago now obscures one of the dining room windows, creating a curtain that only lets in filtered green vegetable light.   If the squirrels don’t best us, we willContinue reading “Cloudy Weather”

Rolling in Clover; or Luck, and Where to Find it

The more common variant of the saying being like pigs in clover — but let’s not go that far. But if I had some magic elixir bottled up that could whisk me back to childhood, it would consist of a distillation, an inhalation of the following: …The scent of the pinpoint-sized white flowers of aContinue reading “Rolling in Clover; or Luck, and Where to Find it”